Louise Adlam

b. 1975, Wales

Louise Adlamís video installations bear witness to the everyday lives and stories of the people in front of the lens. She is always absent from the image, but makes the viewer aware of the role played by the person behind the camera.

Her piece at g39 was cine footage of a wintry Barry Island resort, holidaymakers determined to be seen to be having a good time. She touches on notions of heritage, of identity and cultural identity. It is important that the works are not as large scale projections but as intimate spaces. To maintain this intimacy she works on small monitors and in book form to draw the spectator in.

More recently a film script by Louise has been selected for one of this years Screen Gems awards and is being produced by the Media Agency of Wales and HTV. She has also recently finished an experimental documentary based on my neighbours who train as Samurai Warriors called Samurai Warrior which is being screened as part of 'Experimentica' at Chapter in 2002.

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