Rebecca Spooner

Lives and works in Cardiff, Wales

<i>Darker Grows The Valley</i>
Darker Grows The Valley

Rebecca Spooner’s installations are created using 'lo-fi technology’ such as Polaroid photography and particularly Super 8 and 16mm film, often presented alongside an array of natural materials and found objects.

Interest in the Neo-Romantic, British 20th Century painters such as Paul Nash, John Piper and Ceri Richards has led Rebecca to take a painterly approach to landscape, exploring colour, light, form and composition. The Welsh landscape in particular is captured in recurring motifs – borders, valleys, mountains, waterfalls and wildlife, which become metaphors for human emotions and desires.
Rebecca also finds inspiration in literary sources and techniques such as the nostalgic depictions of rural life in the work of Laurie Lee and vivid atmospheric scenes found in the work of Daphne Du Maurier, rich with pathetic fallacy and a sense of the uncanny.
It is through the multi-layered and rich literary, artistic and environmental associations that Rebecca’s work invites a personal, instinctive response.

Rebecca Spooner completed her MA at UWIC in 2004. She has since exhibited at Newport Museum 2006 as part of Cywaith Cyrmu residency program, Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno, Test Bed at Oriel Davies, Newtown, Open Empty Spaces, Cardiff and a solo show, The White Stag at g39 in 2008.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
Rebecca Spooner: The White Stag
One night stand
Brzeska's Eagle
This artist is featured in:
Show One Of Each 3

Links :
  • <i>Starling</i>, site-specific installation, 2009. Part of Open Empty  Spaces, Cardiff.
  • <i>Darker Grows The Valley</i>
  • <i>Hearth & Hill</i>, (slide projection installation at Oriel Davies, Newtown), 2011.
  • <i>The birds, the grass, the trees, the lake</i>, Super 8 film still, 2010. From installation commissioned by LOCWS International, Swansea