Alex Pearl

b. Manchester, UK
Lives and works in Suffolk, UK

Alex Pearl makes things and then videos them before they fall apart. His mini epic films, video installations, sculpture and books deal with chance and the things in life he doesn't do very well.
Throughout his work there is a sense of an acceptance of failure or disappointment as important parts of the human condition.

Using readily available materials and software, Pearl's films use suddenly apprehended ideas, discovered objects and impromptu processes. They are comparable with the sketch or doodle, an initial throwaway idea made visible.
His sculpture is fragile, temporary and has the appearance of either being on the verge of collapse or already broken. The work displays playfulness with its own limitations and a hopeless desire for greatness.

Pearl studied MA History of Art & Design at UCE Birmingham. Recent and forthcoming exhibitions include Goodbye to most of the Daydreams (BCA Gallery, Bedford), and Trying to cope with things that arenít human curated by Ian Brown (DCP, San Francisco and Airspace, Stoke on Trent).

The artist was in the following exhibition:
For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn

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