Owain and Yan asked their mothers to produce a written statement outlining the concerns of our practice:

I could call McGilvary+White a match made in heaven. I believe both young men were going places individually, but now they collaborate they are a force to be reckoned with!
Have I always thought this?
Actually, yes.
Their thought process is always outside the box and therefore I find their art quite exciting. A lot of their work appears simple and playful and those not in the know might be astonished by the thought process before a piece is created. I am, therefore, very defensive of their art. To people who say 'anyone could do it' I say ' but you didn't , and I didn't.......and they DID!'
Art is incredibly sociable and McGilvary&White art encourages you to tap into your inner happiness and get in touch with your playful side.



As a mother of one half of McGilvary/White partnership I知 a very proud parent, proud of all of their achievement in art and of the talented young men they致e grown into in the last couple of years.
I知 always praising their talent and their work to friends, family and work colleagues as often as possible, my mobile phone is stored with photos of their most recent projects.
I do like art to have colour.
I try my best to understand their new kind of art, sculpture, video, performance etc.( very new to me). Their work is explained to me and most of the time understood, I can see the hard work that痴 gone in to each and every project. I致e grown to like and appreciate the different variety of art that Owain and Yan can do.

Mam (Proud Mum)

The artist was in the following exhibition:
UNIT(e) 2016