UNIT(e) 2016

13 January - 19 March 2016

Bob Gelsthorpe, UNIT(e) 2014
Bob Gelsthorpe, UNIT(e) 2014

For UNIT(e) 2016 g39 will host thirteen artists and curators in an intense ten-week period of production and experimentation. From an open call we invited artists to locate their practice in g39’s modular units alongside a peer group. During UNIT(e) the artists will test ideas, produce new work and experiment in the context of a critical and supportive studio community.

UNIT(e) is a natural extension of Warp (Wales Artist Resource Programme). It takes the model of an alternative art school and encourages dialogue between artists, g39 and a host of visiting artists and curators, including: Ben Borthwick, Adam Carr, Cally Spooner, and Harry Meadley. UNIT(e) 2016 sees a further expansion of the programme with weekly artist talks, one-to-one sessions, screenings, small scale performance and exhibition events, and of course the regular Breakfast Club meetings every Saturday.
As an ongoing experiment UNIT(e) responds to the increased need for alternative models of art education at a time when market forces dictate the shape and access to formal arts education. Through continued learning, UNIT(e) aims to develop the dialogue and criticality around contemporary arts practice in Wales.
UNIT(e)’s wider programme is open to all visual artists and curators wishing to engage in debate around their own current practice. We invite you to visit every Saturday during the UNIT(e) season, when there will be a focus of activity for artists and audiences alike. The programme culminates with a week of activity from 16-19 March 2016. Details of associated talks and events will be advertised as the season continues. For more information and updates visit our Facebook page.

  • Bob Gelsthorpe, UNIT(e) 2014