Jerwood UNITe 2021 Open Studios

3 - 5 June 2021

Gweni Llwyd - Wendy Short - Gwenda Evans - Beau Beakhouse & Sadia Pineda Hameed - Yewande YoYo Odunubi

Devised by artists for artists, UNITe is a nine-week artist studio residency programme at g39. It is a space for artistic practice and its associated research, experiments, for testing ideas, taking wrong-turns, sharing ideas, discussions, serendipity, and discovery.

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Friday 04/06/21, 17.00-21.00

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Saturday 05/06/21, 11.00 - 17.00
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In 2021 we are pleased to present Jerwood UNITe in collaboration with Jerwood Arts, an independent funder dedicated to supporting outstanding artists, curators and producers to develop and thrive.

With their help we are supporting five places in 2021.
This year the artists are:
Gweni Llwyd (Cardiff)
Wendy Short (Ayrshire/ London)
Gwenda Evans (Carmarthen)
Beau Beakhouse &
Sadia Pineda Hameed (Cardiff)
Yewande YoYo Odunubi (London)

Gweni Llwyd is a Welsh artist based in Cardiff. Her practice reflects on how the human condition is caught between tactile physicality and intangible digital realms. Through using first hand and found footage, game engines and physical material, her works blur the distinction between what is here now and what exists elsewhere in time.

GWENBA is a multidisciplinary, new-media artist currently based in South Wales. Her work explores the relationship between organic and virtual spaces through performance, sound, video and text experiments. It often takes the form of digital growths or experiments with the earth’s core matter.

Wendy Short is an artist based between London and Ayrshire. She is motivated by how we make sense of the past, the present and our connections with one another. Wendy explores the passage of time, the historical uses of site and meaning attached to place though field recordings and the moving image.

Sadia Pineda Hameed & Beau Beakhouse have been making work as a collaborative duo over the last four years. Their work is about co-creation and ways of working together. Their method of working involves long periods of research, often drawing on marginal historical or archival materials that connect with current interests, creating new future-looking works.

Yewande YoYo Odunubi is a neurodivergent artist and creative practitioner working in the spaces between producing/curation, dance/performance, and research.

Centring her practice around the mantra “I’m not here for a version of me, I’m here for every part of me”, Yewande is interested with authentic presentations, intersectional frameworks and interventions that seek to rupture dominant narratives in the arts.

UNITe has run since 2014. It allows us to meet new artists and learn about their studio practices first-hand. Taking inspiration from independent art schools, studio groups and the ways that artists find to support each other, g39’s UNITe season transforms the exhibition venue into a shared artist studio space and communal hub.

Whatever the context and wherever the situation – the studio, the workshop, the library, the laptop, the virtual connections, urban or rural – places of production are usually kept separate from the gallery environment. G39’s UNITe season aims to re-establish that connection between production and presentation.

During UNITe 2021 we have re-thought the programme. It had been shaped by the physical space and the social interactions between artists that bookend a studio practice - meals, shared music, reading and drinks. This year we can add the virtual space to this list – the connections made between people when they are apart.

The programme will begin virtually, and as it progresses there will be more and more opportunities to come together. The artists are encouraged to contribute to the programme supporting each other as a peer group.

During the programme there will be a series of free public talks and events including talks by Tai Shani, Katrina Palmer and Libita Clayton.

UNITe 2021 concludes with an open studio event, led by the artists to see what they have been doing and to celebrate well into the final hours of the residency. We hope, restrictions permitting, that we will all be able to share the same space once more.

  • Yewande Yo Yo Odunubi
  • Sadia Pineda Hameed & Beau Beakhouse
  • Wendy Short
  • Gwenda Evans
  • Gweni Llwyd