Intermission: mwnwgl

We are really pleased to flick through the first edition of mwnwgl, commissioned as part of our intermission programme. Get your copy here and pay what you feel to support mwnwgl, pick one up at g39 or browse the copies in the library.

anghyfiaith: Heb fod o’r un iaith, yn siarad iaith estron neu’n perthyn i iaith estron, mewn iaith estron, yn yr iaith wreiddiol, heb ei gyfieithu; estron, dieithr: not of the same language, speaking or pertaining to a foreign language, in a foreign language, in the original language, untranslated; foreign, alien, strange.

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Intermission is a series of newly commissioned artworks that engage with people and places outside of the gallery walls. Artists from across wales will develop new works using conversation and research, writing and filmmaking, online-space and local neighbourhoods as starting points. Selected from an open call we are pleased to support these artists to create new work.

mwnwgl: A 56 page print publication of original writing / art by the artists Radha Patel, Catrin Menai, Bob Gelsthorpe, Joanna Wright, Umulkhayr Mohamed and Sarah Roberts, curated and created by Esyllt Angharad Lewis, Dylan Huw and Elin Meredydd.

Cover design by Sarah Roberts.
Print by Snap Shop, Cardiff.