In The Same Breath

20 May 2023

All day sgreening - sinema drwy`r dydd

When uttered ‘in the same breath’, multiple statements share the same intimate space and moment. They coexist but by implication are contradictory, sometimes casting one another in a new light. The skill of an artist is often to illuminate truths through and within such juxtapositions.

Here, a series of films are presented in the same breath: each is a separate proposition held together in the same space. This shared space encompasses not only this event and the exhibition from which it is derived, but the space of the Freelands Artist Programme, through which these artworks have emerged. The artists are fellow travellers on the programme, participating across the same two-year span, albeit from different locations–breathing simultaneously across time and space.

Matt Zurowski, Eadar, 2023
Myrid Carten, Sorrow had a baby, 2023
Aled Simons, Legend Extension II, 2023
Lea Torp Nielsen, Hydra/Brook (Becoming Water), 2023
Tom Cardew, Machynys Forgets Itself, 2023
Robin Price, I thought you wanted what I was giving you, 2023

The film works presented are taken from In the Same Breath, on view at Freelands Foundation, London 23 March–29 May 2023, an exhibition of work by 20 artists in the third cohort of the Freelands Artist Programme. The programme supports emerging artists across the UK in partnership with g39, Cardiff, PS2, Belfast, Site Gallery, Sheffield and Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh