Situated Psychogeography - Delphi Campbell

'Psychogeography describes the effect of a geographical location on the emotions and behaviour of individuals. Typically, a practice of psychogeography would mean moving through spaces as you draw. However, as a manual wheelchair user, my moving around means my hands are already in use, so this form of psychogeography isn’t accessible. I developed situated psychogeography as a response to this, an adaptation of the process that focuses on one particular space and moment in time.'

In this workshop, the participants will be encouraged to respond to the physicality and the feelings the show evokes, and the Aildanio theme itself; what it is to rekindle, to relight.

Delphi will guide the participants through the process of abstracting feeling and translating it to drawing, moving through each of the senses one at a time.

For participants who are Deaf, hearing-impaired, blind and/or visually-impaired they may choose to spend longer on smell, touch or taste, or to use the time allocated to sound and sight to represent how being Deaf, hearing-impaired, blind and/or visually-impaired affects their Aildanio experience.