Noëmi Lakmaier - Cherophobia

7 - 9 September 2016

Noëmi Lakmaier - Never Happier
Noëmi Lakmaier - Never Happier

Following Noëmi Lakmaier's performance at the start of the season we are pleased to announce that we will be one of the streaming venues for a 48hour live stream of her new work Cherophobia, a 48­hour durational living installation. It is an attempt to lift the artist’s bound and immobilised body off the ground using 20,000 helium party balloons.

Cherophobia is a performance and a gathering, a one­off event that intertwines people in their shared suspense and anticipation. It takes its title from a psychiatric condition, defined as ‘an exaggerated or irrational fear of gaiety or happiness’.

Commissioned by Unlimited, a festival celebrating extraordinary new works by disabled and Deaf artists, Cherophobia invites viewers to observe as balloons are inflated and attached by a team of assistants, as Lakmaier is suspended in the air. The performance will be broadcast live from St Leonard’s Shoreditch church in London to the Southbank Centre and venues across the UK and internationally.

Originating from her own experience of disabled self, Noëmi Lakmaier’s live and site­responsive practice explores notions of the ‘other’, ranging from the physical to the philosophical, the personal to the political.

Using everyday materials and her own body, she constructs temporary living installations – alternative physical realities through which she explores the psychological implications of power, control and insecurity, the drive to belong and succeed, as well as feelings of self­doubt and otherness.

Noëmi has performed and exhibited widely in the UK and internationally. She lives and works in London. Supporters: Michael Wüst, world­renowned rope suspension expert and the Live Art Development Agency.

g39 will be open for 48 hours, between 9pm and 9am please use the side entrance.

  • Noëmi Lakmaier - Never Happier
  • Noëmi Lakmaier - Cherophobia