Thomas Abercromby

21 June 2024

All g39 events are free, doors open at 6pm, there are refreshments. The OPEN exhibition & The Healing Project is also open. // Mae holl ddigwyddiadau g39 am ddim, drysau yn agor am 6yh, mae lluniaeth. Mae`r arddangosfa AGORED & The Healing Project hefyd ar agor.

We are really pleased to be screening John, by Thomas Abercromby with a Q&A and drinks afterward.

Programmed to coincide with the OPEN, join us to find out more. An informal evening with Thomas Abercromby. Thomas has collaborated with an all-working-class cast and crew to explore the intricate ties between family, grief and the complicated layers of social class. JOHN raises the question: how do we navigate spaces not designed for us?

Thomas is part of Glasgow International during June, as part of an artist research group, Thomas Abercromby & The School of Mutants.