Pave Your Path:
Open Call // Galwad Agored

20 - 31 January 2023

Career-focused Workshops for Moving Image Artists
g39 is pleased to be collaborating with Film London and Videotage, Hong Kong, to invite six Welsh or Wales based early career artists to apply to the Pave Your Path programme. The programme will support moving image artists who are working to build their careers in the art sector.

Cyflwynir y rhaglen hon gan Film London a Videotage yn Saesneg, fodd bynnag bydd g39 yn cyfieithu'r ffurflen gais hon, ar gais, a gellir gwneud ceisiadau yn Gymraeg.

Pave Your Path: Career-focused Workshops for Moving Image Artists programme of 5 workshops and 4 screenings/showcases.
When: February - April 2023
Who: Organised by Videotage & Film London in collaboration with g39.
Fee: £400.00
- A Welsh or Wales based moving image artist.
- With 2-5 years professional experience.
- In the process of developing a professional career as an artist.
- Not in formal education during the programme.
Deadline: 31st January 2023

Application Pack
Application Pack LARGE PRINT

Applicants will be notified by 02/02/23
NB. Applicants should note the immediate start date, of the programme.

The programme draws on industry professionals and peers to share information and support in fundraising, collaboration, contracts, copyright, green production, idea presentations, and curating. It will also build international connections through networking sessions and screening opportunities.

The six selected g39 artists will join six from Film London and six selected by Videotage, Hong Kong to form a peer group of 18 practitioners.

Pave Your Path:
How do I apply?
Applications can be made by email. Deadline: 31st January 2023
Please send a single PDF or word document. We also welcome audio or video applications of 12 minutes or less. If you want to apply in a format we haven’t mentioned please get in touch:

- We’d like to see your work - Send us links to your work/ images.
We would prefer to view your material online where possible. Websites/ Audio/Video hosting sites and indicate what you want us to look at along with any required passwords.

- Direct us to a CV online if you have one, or send one.

- What would you like to get out of the programme? (what do you want to do?) Why is this opportunity useful at this stage of your practice?
Tell us about your ambitions, how can the programme help meet these. Written statements only need to be approximately 300 words.

- About you
This is where you can tell us a little about you, if there’s anything to add. Are there any specific access requirements you want to make us aware of, and/ or childcare or care of dependents costs. You don’t have to explain why, or justify any request for support, we are open to discussing and finding the right support for you.

We are currently prioritising artists who may have been excluded or discriminated against or who otherwise face the consequences of past or present discrimination or disadvantage. Research shows that those from lower socio-economic backgrounds face additional barriers in the visual arts. If you want us to take any of this into account, please let us know. You do not need to include details about your personal circumstances and will not be called on for ‘proof’. (200 words.)

Send everything to: with the subject header:
PYP_2022 FirstName_SurName

You will then receive an auto confirmation and a link to a separate, optional, equality monitoring form. If you are submitting your application as an audio or video recording, please email a link rather than an attachment. If this is difficult, get in touch. No assessment of the production quality of audio or video recordings will be made but your responses must be clear so that the panel can understand them.

Pave Your Path:
Workshops include:
- International Networking
Introductions and sharing.
- Fundraising for Artists’ Moving Image Projects
Support for moving image projects and how cross-border collaborations work..
Speaker: Jamie Wyld, Founder/Director, videoclub.
- Green Filmmaking Toolkits
This workshop will introduce GreenScreen and Albert and ethical filmmaking.
Speaker: Film London.
- Establishing Professional Relationships
Contracts within a collaboration, IP Rights and issues around copyright.
- Proposals, presentation and pitching.
In small groups artists will receive mentoring. Each group is invited to make a ten-minute proposal to a panel of curators, institutions and artists for an online programme, a screening, performance or talk. This will close with feedback sessions and discussions. *

*These will be taken forward for the prospective programme at British Council’s SPARK 2024, pending agreement from the British Council.

Screenings include:
- Three cinema/ gallery screenings will present the work of the 18 practitioners.
Hong Kong Showcase: 23-25/3/2023 at Videotage, during ArtBasel HK 2023
A screening with Film London, and a further screening at g39
Work will also be platformed on

Co-organisers: Film London &
Videotage, Partner: g39
Supported by:British Council