Lydia Meehan

b. 1991, High Wycombe, UK
Lives and works in Cardiff, Wales

<i>Crucifix</i> Collage and Paper, 2015
Crucifix Collage and Paper, 2015

Lydia Meehan works predominantly in collage, printed material and installation. She is interested in the idea of people as artists with her work referring to the complex and circular relationships between making and living.

Lydia is interested in the idea of people as artists, reviewing their processes and outputs as both artwork and civic engagement combined. Her solo exhibition, A Template for Application, at g39 (2017) questions the role of the artist, deliberately blurring the lines between artwork and leisure to re-imagine art on a daily basis.

Lydia’s work is underpinned by research and more recently draws upon her role as a ‘facilitator’ and ‘arts educator’ to explore the functions of art in society. Her work often incorporates ideas or objects related to her family members as artists and makers.

Her collaborative WARP Library Residency, with designer, James Maxwell, took g39 as the live brief in which to re-imagine the potential for the library in an artist-led space. Lydia and James worked across conversation, collage, design and research - exploring innovative models of space and artist / designer practices that blur fields of architecture, photography, product design, exhibition making, education and policy. Outcomes include a poster series and a publication.

Lydia graduated from Fine Art at Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2013. Projects and exhibitions include: Fluent Aphasia, TestBed at Oriel Davies Gallery, 2014 and Artist in Residence, WARP Library Residency, 2016. Publications include This is Not a Library, 2016.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
A Template For Application
UNITe 2018
This artist is featured in:
This Is Not A Library

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