James Cocks

b. 1993, Bath
Lives and works in Cardiff

James Cocks, <i>You Are Welcome, 2016</i>
James Cocks, You Are Welcome, 2016

James Cocks works in text and textile. His work explores personal stories, identities, and the intersection of text and material form.

Currently, James’ work discusses the struggle of language and communication. His writing process is informed by mindfulness and mantra – aiming for his work to transcend these concepts. Running parallel to this, James has pursued a number of socially engaged projects with an aim to connect the ideas of his practice to the wider community, and to examine the historical significance of both text and textile to community based actions. Starting with the Cardiff Without Culture march in February 2016, continuing with Made in Spring’s Red Route marches in 2015 & 16, and most recently with commissioned projects for madeinroath 2016 with Flags of Roath and with By My Side: Come Rain or Shine (with Pip Tudor) for madeinroath 2017.

James has exhibited regularly, with his most recent being his solo show Forever Fallow, Forever Flourishing at Spit and Sawdust in September 2017, and his inclusion in the group show The hinge that separates and connects, curated by Emily Hartless as part of madeinroath 2017.
James currently presents the arts and culture programme Pitch Illustration Radio for Radio Cardiff 98.7fm on Thursdays 7-8pm. In addition, he is a studio holder at Spit and Sawdust and a former Warp Intern at g39 and a former intern at Ffotogallery.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
does that include us? / yn cynnwys ni? Part 1
UNITe 2018
  • James Cocks, <i>You Are Welcome, 2016</i>
  • James Cocks, <i>Flags of Roath, 2016</i>
  • James Cocks, <i>I Came to Cardiff for it`s Culture, 2016</i>
  • James Cocks <i>One Outside One</i>
  • James Cocks <i>Beafield</i>