Helen Malia

Lives and works in Cardiff, Wales

Helen Malia, <i>Cwch Breuddwydion Dream Boat</i>, 2017
Helen Malia, Cwch Breuddwydion Dream Boat, 2017

Helen Malia is an environmental artist that operates with print, photography, sculpture and painting. She uses organic materials to create work that places art in a natural environment - evoking “physical and emotional memories”.

Her recent work discusses the challenges facing our environment, aimed to respond to urban surroundings and the refugee crisis. Experimenting with new materials and digital software blend together photographic images and illustrations, which develop Helen's practice within the modern art world. Additionally, she has formed new techniques such as blacksmithing to sculpt new shapes and to further expand on her artistic projects.

Helen completed her MA in Ceramics at C.I.H.E in 1994. She has worked as an artist in residence and an arts educator throughout Wales. Exhibiting work at Made in Roath, Roath Park (2016), Coed Hills Rural Artspace (2006) and more recently Out of Nature at Newport House Gardens (2017).

The artist was in the following exhibition:
UNITe 2018

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  • Helen Malia, <i>Cwch Hir Long Boat</i>, 2017
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