Ellie Young

Lives and works in Cardiff, Wales

Ellie Young, <i>Moving Women No 4</i>
Ellie Young, Moving Women No 4

Primarily a painter, Ellie captures fleeting expressions and changing emotions, particularly the movements of the face that communicate these feelings. Her influences are films, the Internet and real-life encounters.

Throughout Ellie’s art practice, she introduces the relation between reality and fiction demonstrated through the physical and conceptual act of painting. She explores layers of representation through a diverse array of portraiture, linking them sequentially (sometimes repeatedly) to expand beyond the formalities of painting whilst revealing a unique narrative. Although painting portraits does have its challenges – the ‘convergence of the dynamic and the static’. The artist needs to capture the fleeting expressions whilst portraying the subject’s character – transferring reality to canvas. Ellie is interested in this process and utilises artistic materials in order to create work that is comprehensible and captivating.

Ellie studied BA Fine Art at Cardiff School of Art and Design (2011). Solo exhibitions include Changing Faces, Oriel Mwldan, Cardigan (2018), Frontiers, Arcade Cardiff, Cardiff (2016) and One Hour Portrait Studio Residency at Degree Art Execution Room, London (2013). Upcoming work includes The Boat Studio - alongside Amber Mottram.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
UNITe 2018

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