Chris Alton

b. 1991, Croydon
Lives and works in Croydon, England

<i>English Disco Lovers (EDL)</i>, Cambridge Graffiti, 2013
English Disco Lovers (EDL), Cambridge Graffiti, 2013

Chris Alton is an artist and curator. Altonís work addresses the interconnected nature of prevailing social, political, economic and environmental conditions. His processes result in a diverse range of strategies, whether deploying disco music in opposition to fascism, recording a rhythm Ďní blues album about tax avoidance, or proposing art schools be built over golf courses.

His work extends an interest in perpetual growth economics in the context of anthropogenic climate change. One response in particular is a new hypothetical currency that balances the impact of growth against climate change indicators such as atmospheric carbon, polar ice, and sea levels. This cultural framing of climate change allows for imagined new possibilities, and asks how collective responsibility could address larger-scale issues driven by a Capitalist economy.

Recent exhibitions include: Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Liverpool John Moore University (2018); The Billboard Commission, Spit & Sawdust, Cardiff (2018); Meanwhile, Lower.Green, Norwich (2018); The Ballad of The White Ship, Serf, Leeds (2018); more like an avalanche, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire (2018). Alton was a participant in Syllabus III (2018).

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