Milly peck

b. 1990, London
Lives and works in London

<Landing God Sync Will Pay Dividends</i>, 2018
, 2018

Milly Peck explores the area between flat image and three-dimensional object. Graphically rendering scenes pulled from the everyday into prop-like cut-outs, her work simultaneously tries to function as both a flat, pictorial image and a three-dimensional, scenographic landscape.

Recent work stems from research into DIY culture in the domestic sphere by recreating fictional, faulty domestic systems such as plumbing and wiring. These works often mimic and interact with architectural features of the space in which they are displayed. Previous work has hinted towards a stage-like construction, often encouraging a frontal viewpoint, allowing the performative potential of the work to be exaggerated emphasised; the installation becoming props and stage-flats to a new, fictional narrative

Milly Peck received an MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art, London (2016). Recent exhibitions include: The Slip, Tintype Gallery, London (2018); Pressure Head, Assembly Point, London (2018); Launch Pad: Th-th-th thatís all folks!, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester (2018); Refinding: Jessie Flood-Paddock with Kenneth Armitage, The Tetley, Leeds (2017); Mudhook, Tintype Gallery, London (2017); Top Bantz, The Royal Standard, Liverpool (2016).

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  • <i>The Slip</i>, 2018
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  • <Landing God Sync Will Pay Dividends</i>, 2018