Emanuel Almborg

b. 1981, Sweden
Lives and works in London

Emanuel Almborg, <i>Nothing Is Left To Tell</i>, 2011
Emanuel Almborg, Nothing Is Left To Tell, 2011

Emanuel Almborgís process often results in moving image artworks, but incudes research driven collaborations and situations. Research often probes complex social and political questions and makes relationships between historical and contemporary events.

His work often looks at non-hierarchical, direct and unstructured ways of learning, finding resonances between people from different periods and places. He takes as his starting point research into historical utopias and fragments of lost futures and potentials. Previous works have explored our relationship to everyday technology. Learning Matter,2017 was a project in collaboration with his mother and a group of children. Using clay, photography and video, they investigated the impact of regular tablet and smartphone use on attention span, social interaction and how we view the world and to consider how material conditions and technologies shape social relations. He often starts from the premise that in recent times there has been a growing demand for new political and social visions and scenarios and his work asks what role art and the moving image can play in experimenting with and sketching of such visions and scenarios.

Emanuel Almborg completed the Whitney Independent Study program in New York, 2015 and is currently a PhD candidate at The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm. His work has recently been shown at Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Whitechapel Gallery, London and Cell Project Space, London.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
  • Emanuel Almborg, <i>The Nth Degree</i>, still 2019
  • Emanuel Almborg, <i>The Nth Degree</i>, 2019
  • Emanuel Almborg, <i>The Nth Degree</i>, still 2019
  • Emanuel Almborg, <i>Nothing Is Left To Tell</i>, 2011
  • Emanuel Almborg, <i>The Majority Never Has Right On Its Side</i>, 2013