Alice Briggs

b. Aberystwyth
Lives and works in Aberystwyth

A Place Where One Lies, Digital Still, 2020
A Place Where One Lies, Digital Still, 2020

Alice Briggs is an artist, arts educator and curator. She has a growing interest in the recuperative benefits of creative arts within the health sector. She has experience of working within a variety of health care environments, including mental health, stroke rehabilitation and with children suffering long-term illnesses and learning difficulties.

I have been working in the visual arts and creative industries for twenty years, with a career spanning production and curation of art alongside arts education and arts in health delivery. My creative practice is inspired by communities, sites and history of place, and the landscapes of Ceredigion where I live and was brought up. In the last three years I have refocused towards socially engaged practice which has given me a renewed sense of excitement and ownership for making work and engaging with the place around me. My work, and my curatorial work looks at current debates around shifting understanding of the landscape and uses of the land. There is a growing resurgence in agrarian utopianism in Mid Wales and Id like to build the multi-disciplinary land based networks that are forming into my practice.

Alice has been assistant curator of Ceredigion Museum based in Aberystwyth for eleven years. For the last two years Alice has worked with Age Cymru on their flagship cARTrefu project as an artist in care homes. This resulted in the exhibition The Place Where One Lies at Aberystwyth Art Centre. Alice worked as Creative Agent for the Lead Creative Schools Arts Council Wales project from 2014-2019. She graduated in Visual Performance at Dartington College of Arts, and completed an MA in Art Museum and Gallery Studies from Newcastle. Since then she founded Blaengar - an emerging arts organisation focused on site-specific works and creative events in the public realm.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
g39 Fellowship THREE
Soft split the Stone

Links :
  • A Place Where One Lies, Digital Still, 2020
  • A Place Where One Lies, Digital Still, 2020