Candice Jacobs

b. 1982 , Leamington Spa, UK
Lives and works in Nottingham, UK

Candice Jacobs works with a variety of media producing sound, video and sculpture installations. Using the everyday as a site of investigation, Jacobs explores location, context, social hierarchy and structure. Often re-visiting her places of work such as factories, galleries and restaurants, as well as re-interpreting the experience of being in a particular place at a particular time, Jacobs invites her audience to transform the way in which they perceive their existing reality.

Jacobsí recent work is exemplified by new sound piece Work, created in a restaurant in Birmingham in which Jacobs interviewed members of staff about their ambition and character and edited together all of the times interviewees said the words 'work' and 'happiness'. These sound recordings perpetuate from various directions, often accompanied by sculptural works such as London Paper, A bronze-like acrylic cast of a London newspaper and video works such as Situation Shot which sequences a collection of houses taken from American Sitcoms.

Candice is one of the Founding Directors of Moot, an artist-led gallery space in Nottingham. Jacobs is also a member of Stand Assembly, and Artist studio collective based in Nottingham.

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If.... Candice Jacobs

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