Neil Jefferies

Lives and works in London, UK

Neil Jefferies is a freelance curator and writer. He has facilitated exhibitions, festivals and residencies that span a variety of artistic mediums and curatorial approaches but has a particular interest in the curation of Performance Art.

Neil's interests lie in how to successfully juxtapose it with other live and static work, how to successfully place it within a traditional white walled gallery space, how it differs from the curation of other mediums as well as how to work with Performance Art by-products such as Photographic Documentation.

Jefferies studied Live Art under Andre Stitt and Simon Pope at Cardiff School of Art & Design, developing a series of durational performances which were exhibited in Berlin, Cardiff, London, Minsk and New York. Upon graduation he co-ran, tactileBOSCH Gallery & Studios for two years before moving to London to study a Masters in Curating at Goldsmiths.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
Building Up Not Tearing Down

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