Dai Howell

b. 1988, UK
Lives and works in South Wales

Dai Howell, <i>Freedom</i>, 2014
Dai Howell, Freedom, 2014

Rooted within written and conceptual observations, Dai’s work has evolved into an approach that explores and embraces all knowledge and learning. Coming from a traditional photographic background, yet with a current interest of writing and oration, Dai creates “holistic new work” that connects history and philosophy - discussing how it is perceived in a contemporary context.

Dai received an MA in Contemporary Dialogue at Swansea Metropolitan University (2014) and has contributed to numerous exhibitions including: Art on the Hill, Newport (2017) and URBAN group show, Newport (2012). He had a solo exhibition at The Kickplate Gallery, Abertillery (2014) and has released publications such as You are Welcome, (2016) and 18 Hours to Midnight, (2018).

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
UNIT(e) 2015
does that include us? / yn cynnwys ni? Part 1

Links :
  • Dai Howell, <i>Digital Dream</i>, 2013
  • Dai Howell, <i>Freedom</i>, 2014
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  • Dai Howell, <i>Paper Ticket Bayeux Tapestry (installation)</i>, © 2017
  • Dai Howell, <i>Paper Ticket Bayeux Tapestry</i>, © 2017