Thomas Goddard

b. Cardiff, 1980
Lives and works in Cardiff

<i>The Flood</i>, Flash animation, 2009
The Flood, Flash animation, 2009

Thomas Goddard uses video and performance and graphic design to explore the relationship between place, community, culture, and fiction.

“I want to question the personal control, respect and ethics that underpin a humane and open society. It gives me a way of interrogating the legitimacy of historical ‘empirical’ facts and looking at these accepted knowledge. Humour, and the ability to collectively reflect on the absurdities around us is a powerful tool for talking about larger issues.

“I seek to understand and explore our inherent desire for subjective utopian visions, and find ways to pull those desires apart within the context of contemporary society. For me it offers a way of rethinking and re-linking the relationships between art and society.”

He received a BA in Fine Art Painting from University of Gloucestershire (2004). Recent exhibitions and performances include Experimentica, Chapter, Cardiff (2017); Up-On Live Art Festival, Chengdu and Chongqing, China (2016); Testspace, Spike Island, Bristol (2016); Europa, Transition Gallery, London (2016) Uprisings, MOSTYN, Llandudno (2015). Recent residencies include URRA, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2017).

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
UNIT(e) 2015

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  • <i>The Flood</i>, Flash animation, 2009
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