Request Stop

11 December 2020 - 1 March 2021

Intermission - Sarah Jenkins

Request Stop takes a meandering walk around the small rural village of Ferryside in South West Wales, to the train station. The film considers the ways in which the railway has shaped the community, exploring its changing social landscape from a once bustling seaside resort, to a quiet village where trains only stop on request.

A blend of local history, folktale, and hearsay, stories of the village, past and present, are told through conversation with local women. From childhood memories, to musings on the afterlife, the film builds a picture of the small close-knit community that is personal, anecdotal and completely unreliable.

Sarah Jenkins is a Welsh artist working though sculpture, writing and film. Her practice is a form of storytelling, made of imagined worlds and futures that distort functional objects and technologies. Her recent work draws on Welsh mythos and Celtic culture, focusing on the dissemination of information through oral tradition, and how this can be used to break down hierarchical accounts of history and contemporary culture.

Featuring: Rhinedd Eyton-Jones, Lin Hanson Wakeham, Kathleen Jones, Ceri Lilly, Dorothy Morris and Maris Watkins (née Edwards)