Open table

23 July - 25 August 2023

23.08.23, 11:00-12:30
25.08.23, 18:00-19:30

g39 invites you to share a meal with us, during a time where our team is changing, we want to introduce and reintroduce ourselves and we want to connect with you. We would love to know how you have engaged with or encountered g39 in past and how you felt about those experiences.

This will be a loosely led chat over food, over the past few years all of our communities have changed and grown, we want to keep up with that, while upholding our vision and mission. So, we welcome feedback and comments around things you have liked or not liked in the past, things you miss in g39’s programme and what you haven’t seen but would love to see happening at g39. Out of these conversations we will produce a report and look at this against our mission and vision, we will report back to you through our bulletin, social media and conversations.

Within this we want to manage expectations, both ours and yours, we will strive to make this as safe a space as possible, but we understand that you may not want to share your thoughts but would like to be with your community. As mentioned, we will respond to the feedback but this doesn’t particularly mean we will implement everything that is mentioned, at g39 we are striving to work with intention, we are putting a lot of consideration in around what we decided to show, present or host and want to be honest with you, our community about what we are capable of doing within our capacities and resources. Currently everything you see is run, built, produced and managed by six part time part time members of staff who are also artists, we have to be selective to make sure what we share with you is best quality we can make it.