Unassembed Information: Towards an archive

8 - 24 July 2010

With associated conference at NMW on 8 July 11-4

In partnership with The National Museum Cardiff/ Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Caerdydd we invite you to celebrate the life and work of seminal artist Tamara Krikorian – artist, curator, writer, animateur.
Tamara was a pioneering video artist who went on to become a distinguished curator of public art in Wales, and was a huge supporter of g39's activities. As a curator she brought insight into artists’ motivations as well as the importance of experimental work. Krikorian’s practice has been described as “…exploring the blurred edges between representation and the real; the static and the moving…”

Marking the first anniversary of her death, Unassembled Information began on Thursday 8 July with a unique one-day conference held at the National Museum Cardiff/ Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Caerdydd. Chaired by Heike Roms and co-convened by Michael Tooby and Ivor Davies, the conference was attended by friends and colleagues from Tamara's life, and included contributions from Isobel Johnstone, Shelagh Hourahane, Simon Fenhoulet, and Inga Burrows.

g39 presents a connected exhibition of video works and archival material from Tamara’s practice. In presenting this provisional archive the audience has the opportunity to experience the “edges between representation and the real” that was identified by commentators on Tamara's practice. The archive includes rare printed materials, a selection of her single-screen moving image works, and her seminal piece Vanitas.
Both the archival work and actual work lie in that blurred space between representation and reality, they both animate the ‘real’ person and the ‘represented’ artist in our minds in very different ways.

  • <b>Tamara Krikorian</b>, <i>Vanitas</i>, 1978. Installed at g39