Show One Of Each: Pascal-Michel Dubois

22 October - 27 November 2010

I saw my destiny in the corner of my eyes

October sees the return of g39’s Show One Of Each season of solo exhibitions, showcasing the work of some of Wales’ most promising artists in the early stages of their exhibiting career.

French-born Artist Pascal-Michel Dubois has employed a large variety of mediums throughout recent years, ranging from small drawings to large installations and live performances. His curiosity is largely informed by the everyday, his practice a device inviting the spectator to question and investigate our familiar fields of knowledge and imagination.

Dubois is primarily interested in the capacity that art owns to take you from 'that' space in 'that' moment, to another space. His new work offers both sculptural utilities and photographic artefacts. The essence of the exhibition is born from Dubois’ recent forages into his stored away possessions, many having not seen the light of day for some time. Encountering objects of particular resonance, Pascal uses an old school photograph, a cassette tape and artwork to stimulate a collection of works that provide an exploration into the significance of the ordinary.

“We all want to master Time, one way or another. What if we could have a glimpse of our fate? We aim at deciphering the secrets of the Norns. Time is running by our side and I can see my destiny in the corner of my eyes.”

From disembodied trees seen from an impossible viewpoint, to the stereo-optical device forcing you to see opposite perspective views simultaneously, he is rebelling not only against the mechanics of seeing but against the imposition of being seen by others in a certain way.

This show was curated by
  • Michael Cousin
    • Pascal-Michel Dubois, <i>Meteor Study 2</i>