Unit#1: Inga Burrows - Offset

4 October - 1 November 2014

Following a period as the first artist in residence at the production studios of the long-running Welsh soap opera Pobol Y Cwm, Inga Burrows has been working with the characters (in character, not as actors) to collectively produce work. A series of activities between the artist and the actors have tried to establish a shared vocabulary to engage with contemporary work.
Previously Inga’s art practice has investigated the role of the imagination within mundane reality. In this work, the slippages between the real working environment of the actors, the imagined but equally real ‘set’ of the characters place her constantly on the blurred line between the two. Off-script but still in character, who are these people?

Twmpath in the Green Room 24 October 6.30pm

When Inga Burrows took up an artist residency in the fictional town of Cwmderi in January 2014, she approached the community with her eyes wide open to the material form of artwork that the people of the town might wish to create in the name of contemporary art. Through a series of practical and dialogical sessions in the studio above the Deri pub, the idea of choreographing a dance work took shape.
Led by a champion dancer, five Pobol y Cwm characters have been tapping into their collective psyche as a source of inspiration as a means to explore ways in which folk dance can provide an expressive outlet for emotions and desires which the television screen has not yet revealed.

A live performance will take place in the Green Room at g39 on Friday 24 October at 6.30pm