Freya Dooley - Rhythms and Disturbances

22 October - 17 December 2016


Freya Dooley: <i>Rhythms and Disturbances</i>, 2016
Freya Dooley: Rhythms and Disturbances, 2016
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In the Unit#1 space at g39 we are pleased to commission a new work by Freya Dooley for Cardiff Contemporary. Freya works with words, voice and collage, using found and borrowed texts, literature, letters, snippets of conversations and earworm pop songs.

Rhythms and Disturbances is a two-channel film and sound piece incorporating a multi-layered and fragmented narrative that chops and overlaps between feelings of desire, anxiety and repetition. Dooley has created a sensorial installation using spoken monologue collaged with flashes of remembered and repeated images, an intimate work that delves into some kind of tangential or internal thought process.

Rhythms and Disturbances reconstitutes cut-ups and references from disparate sources, from literature, song lyrics and internet forums. Dooley explores the idea of thoughts, memories and metaphors with a particular focus on the emotional or physical states of desire and an anxious sensation of incompletion or failure.

This commission is supported by the Arts Council of Wales.

  • Freya Dooley: <i>Rhythms and Disturbances</i>, 2016
  • Freya Dooley: <i>Rhythms and Disturbances</i>, 2016