Talk // Sgwrs:
Libita Sibungu

24 July 2021

Libita Sibungu, 2021
Libita Sibungu, 2021

Join us on Zoom for a Saturday afternoon talk from artist Libita Sibungu, who will be video calling from Namibia to talk to us.

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Libita Sibungu’s solo and collaborative projects explore the political and spiritual relationships between the landscape and the body - told through personal and collective histories connecting diasporic legacies. Research is shared through embodied acts of digging; in earth, in records - revealing lost, and buried testimonies emerging out of fugitive experiences. Installations, performance, print, text and sound, help bring to life ongoing conversations surrounding the possibilities of a living archive.

Sibungu is a British-Namibian artist based in Bristol, projects of note have been presented with; Temple Bar Gallery, Ireland, (2021), Gasworks, Somerset House, Spike Island, (all UK) and Cabaret Voltaire, Switzerland, (2019); Whitstable Biennale; Eastside Projects, (all UK) and Kalashnikovv Gallery and the Bagfactory, Johannesburg (2018); South London Gallery, UK, and Diaspora Pavilion, 57th Venice Biennale, Italy (2017). Sibungu is also the recipient of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award and Henry Moore Foundation Grant Award (2020).

    • Libita Sibungu, 2021