Shaun James:
Gallwch Argraffu Sgrin //
You Can Screen Print

30 July 2021

Shaun James has put together this series of screen printing training videos. // Mae Shaun James wedi rhoi at ei gilydd cyfres o fideos hyfforddi argraffu sgrin.

At g39 we are big believers in sharing knowledge and information as a way of strengthening the community.

We are pleased to announce the release of a new series of Artist Resources. Last year we commissioned four artists to make a contribution to our online resources. The artists we have commissioned have responded by generously offering resources that cover a wide range of topics.

Shaun James: Gallwch Argraffu Sgrin // You Can Screen Print
Constructing your Hinge-Clamp Board
Coating your Screen with Photo Emulsion
Preparing your Artwork for Screen
Transferring your Artwork to the Screen
Printing Your Artwork
Removing Your Artwork from the Screen

or click here to watch all the films>>

If you’re interested in making your own screen prints, then this video series gives detailed, clear
instructions and advice, showing everything you’ll need to know.

Shaun’s practice is broadly based around printmaking: focusing on screen printing. He is interested in the idea of being led in his image making by the materials at hand and by chance circumstances that arise in the process of making. He plays with new processes as a means to both understand them and expand upon them leading his work forward; creating tangents that evolve beyond their original motivation, shedding and absorbing as the process unfolds.