preview 13 May 2022

Gwenllian Davenport, Two Hiccups, 2022
Gwenllian Davenport, Two Hiccups, 2022

UNITe 2022 concludes with an open studio event, led by the artists to see what they have been doing and to celebrate well into the final hours of the residency. New residents Umulkhayr Mohamed, (Caerdydd); Adam Moore, (Llundain); Gwenllian Davenport, (Dowlais); George Hampton Wale, (Y Fenni); Zillah Bowes, (Caerdydd) will be making new work and developing projects in a supported programme.

Devised by artists for artists, UNITe is a nine-week artist studio residency programme at g39. It is a space for artistic practice and its associated research, experiments, for testing ideas, taking wrong-turns, sharing ideas, discussions, serendipity, and discovery.

In 2022 we are pleased to present Jerwood UNITe in collaboration with Jerwood Arts, an independent funder dedicated to supporting outstanding artists, curators and producers to develop and thrive. With their help we are supporting five places in 2022.

George Hampton Wale is an artist, designer and maker from Abergavenny. Most of George’s work is sculpturally textile based, surrounding themes of belonging: in a body, in a landscape, in queerness, in Wales.

Gwenllian Davenport works between two languages and the conflicts of muscle memory as she switches between them. This process feels bodily and tangible and she sees language as a material, trying to capture the physicality in sculptural, lingual, audible or video based pieces.

Adam Moore is a London based British-St. Lucian transdisciplinary artist who works with dance. His work examines multiculturalism, unity and resilience, synthesising material, sensory and spiritual dimensions of the self with the world and with others.

Zillah is a filmmaker and artist with a practice in film, photography and poetry. Her artistic practice frequently explores the relationship between the individual and the natural environment. Her ongoing connection to nature informs her practice across all mediums.

Umulkhayr Mohamed is a Welsh Somali artist, writer, and curator. Her artistic practice involves creating primarily artist moving image and performance work that explores the tension present between enjoying the act of wandering between emancipatory temporalities and a functional need to position oneself in the now.

Open Studios Event:
Friday 13th May
Saturday 14th May

  • Adam Moore, Long Play Liberation (2020), performance installation commissioned by Newham London for Newham Black History Month 2020 - Photo by Hayleigh Longman
  • George Hampton Wale, `The Coat` as part of costume design for `An Evening Length Performance` by James Batchelor and Collaborators, Brugge. 2021. Photographer: Zander Porter
  • Gwenllian Davenport, Two Hiccups, 2022
  • Umulkhayr Mohamed, Life`s Essence (still)
  • Zillah Bowes, MELD (series) 2022.