Spirit Level

1 July - 5 August 2006

Ending the Show One of Each season of solo exhibitions by emerging artists is Spirit Level. Lens-based artist Sara Fletcher’s investigative practice explores our known rational world and a parallel unknown world experienced through magic and logic, religiosity and technology.

Fletcher’s new body of work deals with the power of prayer and the mind. Works include Credo, a series of interviews with people from different religions in which they explore their faith. Amateur Thoughtography is an experiment in which she attempts to transfer some memories onto film through the power of thought. The Utterly Self-sufficient, Unchanging Reality of the Things Surrounding Her Began to Depress Agnes is an exploration into psycho-kinetic powers.

Fletcher’s work has an empathy and fondness for her subjects that make it a much more sincere examination of belief. Her work allows her a channel to talk about reminiscence, loss, confinement and concealment. She finds expression in her work to talk about death and bereavement but specifically her interest is in the ways in which we use technology to try to travel further than our physical senses allow in a bid to chart what might lie at the edges of, and beyond, our mortal lives.