21 - 30 October 2011

21 – 30 October 2011
The Lombard Method, 68a Lombard Street, Birmingham. B12 0QR

As part of The Event, an Artist led biennial taking place throughout Birmingham, The Lombard Method will be stripped of its studios and transformed into a point of dialogue between organisations and artists from across the UK.

This year’s incarnation of The Event brings g39 together with Bristol Diving School, David Dale Gallery, Generator Projects, Ikon Gallery, John Walter, Malgras!Naudet, Meantime, Rhubaba and S1 as well as including space for The Lombard Method to exist within its own walls.

For its curatorial contribution, G39 have invited Wales based Artists Rosie Dolton, Niamh Conneely and Nia Metcalfe to develop new work within the space.

Throughout recent months g39 has utilised a series of heavyweight, military-style tents as part of its temporary dwelling at The Dairy, Cardiff. With notions of nomadism and adaptation in the contemporary arts sector in mind, g39 will transport one of these tents to The Lombard Method to facilitate a collaborative installation by Rosie Dolton and Niamh Conneely, with Nia Metcalfe providing a curatorial overview. Part commentary, part performative and part interrogation, Nia will carry out an Artists ‘Boot Camp’, asking frank and forthright questions of the Artists’ likes, loves, dislikes and loathings, interspersed with questions like; What did you want to be when you were growing up? and G&T or Beer? from a suitably clerical curator’s ‘office’. Subsequently a report of her findings will be compiled and, perhaps, through this enquiry into their personal predilections we may gain an enduring insight into their work.

Setting a stage for this will be an installation of new works from Conneely and Dolton. Both work in sculpture and often process-led installation. Rosie is interested in using repetitive processes, which are typically associated with the feminine such as sewing, and will be inviting audience members to collaborate in applying such practices to the tent-come-office. Niamh will install work in and around the tent, which she has created following a period of thought and research into themes connected with the military nature of the tents and ideas about 'making do' in certain (unfavourable or less than ideal) situations.

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