16 January - 10 February 2002

blinc is a season of night-time screenings of new and emergent artists video, film and moving images. Transforming the front of g39 into a giant 6ft TV screen during the winter evenings, the 22 contributors bring Mill Lane alive with humorous, fascinating and very offbeat video works.

blinc seeks to intervene in the public space with films that have no political leaning or market drive. They invite the passer by to enter into a new world that both works with and disrupts the life of the city at night.

During the day time the gallery reverts to its white cube status establishing a discourse between what happens during the night with video projection and throughout the day within the boundaries of the gallery context in the exhibition ...but still. blinc and …but still are projects that run concurrently establishing a dialectic between the image and the city.

Artists include: Sara Fletcher, Aberystwyth; Nooshin Farhid, London, Laressa Kossof, Melbourne; Simon Woolham, London; Simon Whitehead, St Dogmaels; Edward Adam, Newport; Jo Bennett, London; Matt Clarke, Cardiff; Aeppli & Collins, London; Amanda Lorens, Penzance; Stefhan Caddick, Cardiff; Emil Goh, Melbourne; Ruth Lliffe, Llanfairfechan; Victoria Tillotson, Cardiff; Charles Jeffery, Paris; Michael Cousin, Cardiff; Ella Gibbs, London; Ellie Rees, London; Ali Roche, Cardiff; Matt White, Bristol; Bedwyr Williams, Caernarfon.

In stopping to watch the projected video the passer by becomes viewer and enters into a dialogue between outside and inside; the nightlife of the city and the narrative of the image on screen.

  • Sara Fletcher, Installation shot
  • Ruth Iliffe, Maximum Effort
  • Laresa Kosloff, Giant
  • Bedwyr Williams, Chocomel